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Dave Conway Lowell School Committee


Dave was a long time Lowell High School teacher and Housemaster before deciding to run for election to the Lowell School Committee in 2007. As a result of his thirty-five year career in the Lowell Public Schools, Dave brings a wealth of first hand knowledge of Lowell’s schools and the important issues of student achievement, school safety and discipline, and community partnerships, among others, to his School Committee work.

Dave firmly believes that the success of Lowell’s urban schools, from Pre-Kindergarten through Lowell High School and beyond, is an absolutely vital part of a healthy economy in the city of Lowell. David appreciates feedback on the wide array of school issues from concerned parents, teachers and Lowell citizens. Born and raised in Lowell, Dave is a graduate of Lowell High School, where he pitched for Lowell High School varsity baseball. Dave and his wife Mary are residents of the Belvidere neighborhood. They have two daughters, Jennifer and Elizabeth.



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